Let us know what you think!

Send us an email: with your thoughts or call in to our meeting on May 4th.

Our objective is to get residents’ feedback and concerns regarding the current form of government, as we continue our study. Additionally, residents are welcome to offer input and commentary germane to the next phase of study which will look at other forms of government applicable to Red Bank.

We ask that your comments be succinct, direct and remain focused on government form and function. We are grateful for your participation.

1. Do the day-to-day operations of our Borough government seem to be handled effectively?

2. Do you feel that the present form of Borough government provides adequate representation for all residents?

3. What do you think are the major strengths and weaknesses of the present Borough form of government?

4. What do you want your local government to be? Some examples are:

Transparent, Decisive, Representative of all citizens, Efficient, Diverse, Listening to people, Honest, Inclusive, Attentive to community needs

5. Which aspects of local government are most important to you? For example:

. How elections are conducted

· Number of members on Council

· How Council meetings are conducted

· How the budget is created

· How the mayor is selected

· Terms (time in office once elected)

a) How would you like local elections conducted?

· Yearly or less frequently

· Ballots with a party line

· Ballots without a party line (equal placement for all candidates)

b) How many people (including the mayor) would you like on council?

· Five members

· Seven members

· Nine members

c) How long should the Mayor and Council serve?

· Mayor's term: one, three or years

· Council member's term: three or four years

d) How the mayor is selected?

· Elected directly by the voters

· Selected from amongst Council members

e) How Council meetings are conducted?

· Mayor presides over the Council meeting

· Mayor can break ties on council votes

· Mayor does not preside at the meetings, not required to attend

f) How appointments are made?

· Mayor responsible for most appointments

· Council responsible for most appointments

· Professional manager hires all employees except positions by state statute

. Council appoints clerk and tax assessor

. Council may remove professional manager at any time

. Council may remove municipal officers for cause

g) How the budget is created and refined?

· Created by the Mayor

· Created by the Council

· Created by a professional manager

. Refined by Council

h) How day to day services are delivered?

· Mayor is fully responsible and may appoint a manager

· Responsibility is split between Mayor and Council

· Professional manager is responsible